Garlic Benefits & Homemade Paste

Garlic For Skin Care

Garlic is know for its healing properties such as sore throat, throat infection, flu, cold, running nose etc. We can’t forget other benefits like its effect on pimples or acne.

Like onion, garlic is also rich in vitamin c, B6, zinc and other vital nutrients. Garlic is very effective in diminishing acne scars and irritation caused by acne thanks to its antioxidant and anti-fungal property.

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  • How To Make Garlic Face PackRequirement

    three or four garlic cloves

    Method of application

    1. Peel 3-4 garlic cloves that you have take and make the puree out of them.
    2. Put this puree on the concerned area or pimple.
    3. Leave the puree for fifteen minutes before washing it out with cold water.
    4. Let the area dry and then apply any moisturizer cream.

    Repeat this process occasionally and you pimples will go away. You can also eat raw garlic cloves, but don’t eat too much otherwise your body will get heated.

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  • Garlic, Turmeric, And Honey Face PackRequirement

    five or six garlic cloves
    2 teaspoons of honey ( Manuka honey is recommended for any face pack)
    pinch of turmeric powder

    Method of application

    1. Peel 3-4 garlic cloves that you have take and make the puree out of them. Mix this puree with you other 2 ingredients that is honey and turmeric powder.
    2. Put this paste on the concerned area or pimple.
    3. Leave the puree for fifteen minutes before washing it out with cold water.
    4. Let the area dry and then apply any moisturizer cream.

    Honey and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties which will sooth any irritation caused by the skin-related problems.

    You can give these packs a try if you are having skin related issues. Be sure to tell us if these packs work for you. Do comment if you also know any other way of making garlic and onion pastes for skin.

Benefits of Onions- onion and Garlic

Name a single person who doesn’t want a flawless, clean and clear complexion? To make our skin beautiful, we do whatever is in our hand, be it going to beauty parlor, using homemade remedies or other grannies tips and tricks. If you are tired of using different packs and homemade remedies, and want to use some unusual method, then this article is for you. You will learn how to make  face pack with something that you have never thought of applying on your face, even though they are very common and can be found in kitchen of all of us. Any Guess?


Okay, lets break this suspense and those ingredients are onion and garlic! We know, we know that garlic and onions are used as homemade remedy for internal use, but this time we will be using the paste of onion and garlic as a face pack.

So, let’s take a look how to make this paste, how to apply and of course its benefits.

We all know than onions are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Onion is very healthy for our body and is also used in Ayurveda. Onion can do wonders for our skins. Read on to know how.

To get radiant skin and glowing skin, we need Vitamin C and onion is a great source of vitamin c. Not only this, onion is also helpful in healing bacterial infections, acne and various skin problems. Basically, onion works so well for our skin is because onion cleanses our blood, thus all the skin-related issues are automatically solved as most of these problems occur due to wastes in our blood.

Onion is also a natural anti-aging “product” and  “sun cream” as it also protects us from ultraviolet rays of sun.

Best Ways To Use Onion For Skin Care

1. Raw onions

Make a habit of eating raw onions as a salad. Eating raw onion cleanses your body from inside and thus these effects are permanent. Please eat something  like mouth freshener, chocolate or anything after consuming raw onion, other wise your mouth will smell and we don’t want that blame on us.

If you hate eating raw onions then you can of course include them in your vegetables. However, avoid over cooking, as all the essence and nutrients of onion will be lost.

2. External Use

As mentioned earlier, onion can be directly applied on our skin to cure or improve the condition of our skin.

Some of onion face pack benefits are

Dark Spot removal
brightens complexion
acne, and many more benefits.

How to make and apply these onion and garlic pastes on our skin and what are the benefits of garlic? You will find all these answers here in this post.

Does Ayurveda Permit Sleeping In Day Time?

If we follow Ayurveda, then there is a bad new for day sleepers. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend sleeping during daytime as it causes imbalance between two doshas, i.e Kapha and pitta doshas. However, there is still a little good news for day “sleepaholics.”


If you are health and physically fit then you are welcome to take naps for sometime in the day, but with condition, only during summer.  The reason of taking naps during daytime only in summer is that in summers, we all know that days are extremely big as compared to nights. So, there are great chances of our body being exhausted due to work as well as hot and humid weather.

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Who doesn’t like taking nap? The answer will be no one. However, when it comes to dozing off in afternoon, many people consider it a a bad habit. Lets check it out if it really is a bad habit according to Ayurveda.

So, What could be the reason behind this afternoon siesta? Is it the lack of sleep of last night making your go yawn or lots of work in the morning makes you tired and ultimately forcing you to take a sleep break? There are some reports that claim that it is good to take 30 minutes sleep after lunch as it improves your productivity for the 2nd part of your day.

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So lets break it out who can sleep in the afternoon and who are not allowed to sleep in the after noon as per Ayurveda.

Students – They are allowed to take nap to boost their brain energy as after continuous study one might get tired.

Old people – As we age, our body and mind need more rest. So they can sleep.

Short-tempered people, singers, laborers, people who are taking medicines or people with digestive problems take nap in between.

Avoid sleeping in the daytime if you fall in the following category.

  • Suffering from obesity
  • Diabetic people
  • People who consumes lots of oily and fast food. The reason that they are not suggested to sleep in the day is that if they take nap in the daytime, it will lead to several problems such obesity, memory and intellect effect, effect on immune system and many other factors. 

    So, the final conclusion is that there is not a ‘one rule for everyone’ kind thing in Ayurveda. First, analyse your health and then decide if sleeping in the day time is benefiting you or not. For many of us, sleeping in the day time is a bad habit, but for Ayurveda, the only things that mattes is if you are physically fit or not and what you are like a student, singer etc.

    So next time, when you get urge of sleeping in the day time, ask yourself if you fulfill the criteria of Ayurveda or not, then only proceed to sleep. However, taking few times nap in a month is not a bad thing.

    We hope, all your doubts related to daytime sleep are clear now. Tell us your views about this in the comment section. In the meantime, keep visiting our blog.

Get Radiant Skin In Seven Days – With Day By Day Tips

Everyone want a glowing and flawless skin like celebrities. But to get such kind of skin we don’t do what we are supposed to do and just dream that wish we had such a glowing radiant skin.  But if you give little attention to your skin then it is attainable in 7 days. No, we are not going to sale you any skin whitening cream. It’s all natural.



So, follow this 7 days guide and you will notice changes in you skin after 7 days. Without delaying further, lets get started.

Day 1

Start your day 1 with CTM. Oh, did we say some strange thing which you don’t know? Well, CTM is a fancy term in a beauty industry which stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing!

First of all cleanse impurities from your face, You can choose cleanser which suits your skin type. After cleansing you skin, use toner so that no dust or oil remains. And in the last use a good moisturizer. Keep it doing for all  days. This is very basic thin you have to do everyday.

Day 2

Now it’s day 2. Now, it is time to include some fresh veggies and fruits in your diet so that you could get vital nutrients and minerals.  Don’t forget to follow that CTM routine everyday.

Note: If you use make-up then remove it every night before going to sleep because you skin needs rest.

Day 3

Again, first thing you have to do is follow CTM method.

Now, today you have to do exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin cells. After exfoliation, use a rejuvenating face mask to get the best result and then apply moisturizing lotion to finish this process.

Note: Before stepping out of your home always apply sun cream before 20 minutes. Otherwise all your hard work might get into vain.

Now, at the end of third day, pamper your skin with a home made face pack.

Day 4

Now, at this time, you should see and feel some changes. You may not get compliment from others now, but you will be feeling good. But it’s not over yet, you still have to go a long way.

After applying CTM, it is time to give your face a steam bath so that all those clogged pores may get open. Steaming is very effective an all your dirt and impurities will get removed from the surface. Now, after steaming, treat your face with rosewater.

Day 5

After CTM, it is to time to massage your face with massage cream or Aloe Vera gel.  After you are done with massage, apply day cream which also contains SPF and then you are ready to do your usual work/chores throughout the day.

Again in night, you need to pamper your face. This time we will be using sandalwood face pack to get some quick glow on our face.

Day 6

As usual after performing CTM

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Spray rose water
  • Apply day cream with SPF at least 40Note – Drink at least 3 litre water through out the week. This is the part where most of you may not follow properly. So, make sure you don’t skip this Note. Otherwise, you will not see the best improvement.Day 7It is last day and you would be quite happy if you followed this process religiously.  Again do CTM and today you will be using some fruit facial.  That’s it for today.You will be able to see difference in your skin by this time. Some quick tips

    – Do CTM daily
    -Apply day cream with sun cream everyday
    -Drink 3 liters water everyday


    We hope you liked our article. Comment your opinions in the comment section. Do check our website for more beauty tips.

4 Easy To Make Homemade Fruit Packs For Gorgeous Skin

Everyone knows that fruits are very beneficial for our body and skin. Whether you consume it raw or apply it on your skin, they never disappoint us. Almost all fruits are rich in minerals, vitamin and other essential nutrients which are required by our body.


Most of the creams, face wash and beauty products claim of having fruits in their product. So, you know that even cosmetic companies accept that fruits can enhance your beauty and help you to get radiant glowing skin.

it’s now just about beauty, when you apply any fruit face pack, we get beautiful fragrance emitted by mashing up those fruits which helps us distressing our self at the same time pampers our skin.

Fruit packs are natural and they have no side effects. We all can apply them and get their benefits. So make habit of using this natural fruit face pack which guarantees result unlike cosmetic products which sole aim is to make profit.

Some quick tips to remember when you dive into fruit world.

1. Exfoliate your skin and remove your skin’s deal cell before applying fruit face packs.

2. Always test these face packs on your elbow before applying them on face and neck. Though, they don’t have any side effect but still for 0.1% you don’t need to take any chances.

3. Apply face pack on your face as well as on neck as they both are exposed to the outside environment.

4. Use old clothes as fruits stains might dirty your daily wear clothes.

5. Keep these masks for 15 minutes on you skin.

Fruit Packs For Face

Kiwis & Avocados

Avocados and Kiwis are tropical fruits and very tasty. They have lots of nutrients.

What you need

One avocado, one kiwi and one tablespoon honey.

Just mash all these three ingredients and apply it on your skin. Kiwis will help you in getting glowing skin while avocados will increase overall health of your skin.


Unlike kiwis and avocados, banana can be easily found in every household.


Half banana, Half tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Mash all these three ingredients together and apply it on your face and neck. Banana is a powerhouse of energy. When you remove the pack, you will see change in your face skin.


Before you shout at us and tell us that tomatoes are vegetable, we want to make it clear that tomatoes fall into the category of fruits. You may search on this. Well, lets come back to the topic.

You need following thing

1 Tomato, one tablespoon yogurt and one tablespoon oatmeal. You may also honey and milk instead of yogurt, if yogurt doesn’t suit your skin.

What To Do

Blend tomato properly and then mix oatmeal and yogurt together with tomato. Apply this pack every week and notice the result in your skin.

Strawberry and chocolate paste

Well who the hell will use these 2 tasty ingredients on their face and let it waste?  Then answer is that there are some people who use it for getting gorgeous skin.


4 Strawberries, one tablespoon honey and and cocoa powder

Like tomato paste, blend strawberries until they become very smooth then add other two ingredients to the strawberries. Apply this pack when it is season of strawberry. This pack can be applied once in a week. Many women apply this pack, you may try it if you want to use something different. It will not disappoint you.

We hope you liked all these “tasty” face packs. Now, it is time to take action. Go and start making your favorite face pack and get the benefits of  fruits. Using these face packs guarantee result though don’t expect revolutionary changes in your skin after few uses like other chemicals product do. But these natural fruit packs will heal your harmed skin slowly and steadily. Just be persistent and they will show the result.

Get Maximum Result From Night Cream

Many of us apply night cream. Night cream remains on our face for 6-8 hours. Night creams are made for a purpose, and that purpose is to restore and renew the skin’s youthful beauty. Night creams are also know for repairing daily affect and exposure to our skin like pollution, make up, UV rays etc. These creams nourishes and replenish our skin throughout the night which we  damaged in our day-to-day life. But do you know, we can get maximum result from these creams if you follow some tips  which we are going to share with you.

So, lets get started.

Timing is everything

Always apply cream at least 10 minutes before going to bed. If you have very dry skin then you may apply the cream 5 minutes prior to going bed. Doing this will give your skin enough time to absorb the cream.

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Boost your night cream

Those people who have dry or sensitive skin, can add few drops of oils like avocado oil, jojoba oil or vitamin e oil to increase the moisture on your skin and get the maximum result from you night cream.

People who acne-prone skin or oily skin are advised to consider adding 2-3 drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to keep the acne at bay.

People with wrinkles and fine lines are recommended to use 2-3 drops of vitamin c serum with your night cream to get your desired skin.

Accept this. Many people apply night cream in a wrong way. Now, one may say, how can somebody make mistake while applying night cream as this is not an algebra?

Right Technique

Well, most of us just put any cream on our skin. We hardy let it absorb in our skin. The reason is bad technique. First of all don mix  cream on your palm. Dip your finger in the jar and put the cream on your forehead, then on your cheeks, neck and your chin. Now, gently massage these area in a circular motion. This way, the cream will be absorbed by skin and its efficiency will increase significantly. This technique will also minimize any puffiness, if it is there and firm our skin.

Rub your night cream

Just like you warm-up after getting off the bed to do task like toothbrush etc, your night cream also needs “warm-up.”

Heating your night cream will let it absorb in your skin easily. Well, you don’t need to heat it on stove, just use your fingertips and rub them together to produce slight heat in the cream, that’s enough. Stop rubbing as soon the cream liquefies.

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Use Rosewater

Applying night cream directly is effective but not as effective when you apply it on a damp face. That’s why it is recommended to moisturize your face with rose water before applying night cream. We all know the benefits of rose water and it don’t need to be re-iterated over here. So, use the combination of rose water and night cream to see the visible changes in you skin after few weeks.

Don’t forget to read our other beauty articles and so that you could enhance your beauty. Share this article if you found it useful.

5 Banana Peel Uses Tips & Hacks

We all are aware of the fact that all the fruits’ peels have high nutrients. Even vegetables’ peels have high content of nutrient like potato, tomato etc.

But we often ignore these nutrients and throw away the peels of fruits and vegetables. Same happens with peels of banana. In fact, we throw banana’s peel on street or road and people slip away. However, in this post, we are giving you many reason why not to throw banana’s peel.


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Keep on reading to know the reason of not throwing banana’s peel in the dustbin when next time you eat a banana.

Disk Repair

Though, people hardly use CDs, DVDs these days anymore, but if your some old CD or DVD is not working properly, then try rubbing banana peel on your CD or DVD and wipe it off with a soft cloth and you can easily access your content. Wax in the banana peel actually fill all the gaps that occur due to scratch in disc. So, next time, something like this happens to you, then don’t panic.. Grab a banana, eat it and apply this formula.

Ink Stain Removal

Accidentally you left ink stain on your hand or somewhere on your body and want to remove it quickly?  Again grab a banana, and rub its peel over the stained area and see the magic. Stain will disappear. The reason behind this methodology is that banana peel has natural oil which removes the ink stain.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has become a trend these day. Switch on T.V and within 5 minutes you will see a toothpaste add. But fortunately, you don’t need to spend a dime in order to whiten your teeth because we are going to give you a natural and effective method. Take fresh banana, and rub its peel for just  2 minutes everyday. Banana peel will act as an bleach and astringent, thus, get your natural teeth shade back.

Insect Bite

We all hat mosquito bites and other insects’ bite. This problem become even worse in summers and rainy season. Itching is the cause of our irritation when these insects suck our blood. If you don’t want to apply chemical creams on your skin just like us, then a natural solution of this problem is banana peel. Again take a banana peel and rub it on the concerned area and soon you will get rid of inflammation and itchiness caused by those bites.

Pimple Problems

Do you know the secret of solving your pimple problems lies in your kitchen? Yes, banana can even cure your pimple problem. If you are on of those unlucky guy or girl who gets lots of pimples on their face and doesn’t know what is causing you pimples then try this method.

Apply banana peel on your face and neck everyday for 5 minutes. This will help you in curing your pimples. Soon, you will see reduction in the number of pimples that pop up on your face.

We hope you liked all these banana peel tips. Try these method, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed. In fact you can become a cool person in your family or friend circle if you tell them these “secret” tips.

4 Ways To Detox Your Body Everyday

It is time to detox your body if, of late, you are seeing unwanted zits & rash across your body, your digestive system is not working as it should be.

Worry not, there are many ways to detox your body. You don’t need to sweat for hours in gym or go through another diet which you can’t keep up with. You just have to implement some healthy habits to remove toxins from your body that forms on daily basis in your body.


Detoxing is basically all about cleansing your body from the toxins by consuming certain supplements and food products. So follow these super easy to follow detox program which does even require harsh diet.

Here, are 4 tips for removing toxins from your system.

Lemon  & Hot Water Combo

Lemon, Lemon, and Lemon. We know so many benefits of lemon. And it is also not sore like other citrus fruits e.g Amla.

Squeeze lemon juice in one glass of hot water every morning. If you want more from this method, then after leaving the bed, go straight to the kitchen and drink combo of hot and lemon water with empty stomach. If you do this persistently, you will see the miracle soon. Basically, what lemon will do to your body is that it will cleanse your liver and stimulate digestion.

And don’t forget to replace your morning cup with green tea and herbal tea. We will come to this later.

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One thing which you will common in all detox programs is that they all have Fibre in them. So, now you can understand how important role of fibre is in cleansing of your body. Fibre ensures better digestion. Normally, an adult should consume about 25-30 grams of Fibre each day.

To achieve this goal, you may consider adding an apple in your diet along with some chia seeds into your foods. Eat some raw veggies and fruits, salads to prevent scarcity of fibre from your diet.

Eating brown rice at the dinner will also get you enough fibre.

Herbal Tea

As promised you earlier, here we go. Herbal tea has high antioxidant count which fight against illness and bacteria in your body.  Just 2-3 cups per day will be enough for your detox program.  Herbs like cinnamon, ginger and peppermint helps in eliminating toxins from our body.

Try to drink ginger tea mixed with honey before going to bed. It will help you digest your food.

Drink a lot of water

We know you have heard this many times before and you don’t need to be told this thing again. But the fact is you might not be drinking plenty of water daily.  If you need some numbers then strive for drinking 8 glasses of water each day. If you do some vigorous activity or your lifestyle includes too much physical activity then drink at least 2 liters of water.

These numbers are for women. For men, it is 12 glasses or 3 liters of water, in case you fall in the 2nd category. If you drink this much amount of water, all the waste and toxins will flush out from your body within few days.

Let us tell you an interesting fact about fruits and your body which you probably don’t know. When you eat fruit on an empty stomach, our body’s digestive system easily digest it, thus, saving a lot of energy for our body to spend on detoxing.

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Toxins and feel good factor, they both are inversely proportional to each other. The less toxins in your body, the better your mood will be. So from today, make a good habit of feeding yourself only healthy things which are mentioned above. You know you can easily follow them, so please don’t lie that you can’t follow this diet.


Top Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

We all have heard  about the numerous benefits of coconut oil from our grannies. Coconut oil can be found anywhere in the world. People use coconut oil in their food, bathe water and cosmetic use is not even discussed yet. Are you going crazy for coconut oil? Let us discuss the uses of coconut oil and break it down them one by one.

Always store coconut oil at room temperature. Never keep it in fridge.

Oil Treatment


Coconut oil can solve many hair problems. One of them is dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Since, coconut oil contains fatty acids, it softens our hair.
Just take small amount of it on your palm, rub your palms together and apply it on your hair. The longer you can leave it, the better it would be for your hair. If possible, then apply it before going to sleep and leave it for night and next shampoo you hair.

Dandruff Treatment

Those who have dry scalp, know how sensitive they are towards attracting dandruff. Coconut will ensure moisture at the roots. Apply it to your roots and massage.

Skin Care

Eye Makeup Remover

Yup, you heard it right. Coconut oil works even on waterproof mascara. Take a little cotton bowl and dip it in the coconut oil and then use it gently to remove you mascara.

Once you are done, rinse your skin as you do always. This method will not only remove your eye-liner, it will also hydrate your skin.

Lip Balm

Coconut oil acts as a natural lip balm. Pack it in a mini jar and carry it in your bag, so that you can apply throughout the day. It is a great alternative of artificial lip balm.

Night Cream

Coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizer. To cleanse your skin, you can mix coconut oil with your favorite moisturizer. This method will keep the wrinkles and other skin problems at bay

Oral Care

We all know about the  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the coconut oil. Gargling with coconut oil for about 15 minutes can solve many of your oral problems and infections. If you are victim of plaque, tooth decay then coconut might be your savior. Apart from this, it will also promote healthier gums and whiter teeth.

Cheekbone Highlighter

To get glowing look, simply mix a small amount of coconut oil after you are done with your makeup. You may also apply coconut oil directly on the skin to get fresh-faced look.

Other Benefits

It is no doubt that coconut oil can do wonders for your skin. Coconut oil can be used to heal the wounded area. It is also beneficial when it comes to the burns. Other small yet effective benefits of this oil is that it reduces water loss in dehydrated skin.

Note: Any homemade remedies you use, make sure that it is raw, certified organic virgin coconut oil. Don’t use coconut oil which has been extracted with heat or refined using any method. Because refined, and extracted coconut oil lose all its healing properties & powerful antioxidants.

Baby Massage Dos and Dont’s

Baby Massage Basics – It is not only that adults find body rubbing food. Babies also find a gentle touch good and you should know that your baby is liking it if he is giggling. The reason of their giggles is that touch is one of the five senses which is most developed at the time of birth.

Massage with warm oil is good for the development of baby and enormous benefits of massages is essential for thriving the  growth of baby. Body massage for infants is must and should be on every mommy’s list.


Baby massage makes baby’s bones strong and it is good for their health.  Baby massage also has other benefits like it increases the bonding between mother and the baby.  According to science, massage done on daily basis and that routine touch plays vital role in baby’s growth.


  • Best Time To Massage – well to be honest, there is actually no best time for your baby. It all depends on his mood. But try to find that moment in whole day where your baby is happy and laughing.  Never massage him if he is Hungary as no body likes belly rubs during hunger. Also, don’t massage your baby just after feeding him, chances are that he will vomit the milk you just fed him.
  • Oils – Use coconut, avocado or olive oil to massage your body. Stay away from the so-called baby oils or mineral oil. They are known for clogging the pores of the skin of babies. Some oils like nix nut oil should also be avoided as some babies have allergy from them. While choosing massage oil, choose one that’s unscented, edible and either a vegetable oil or cold-pressed fruit.


  • Comfortable Point – use  warm — at least 75° F — so your baby doesn’t get hurt or scared every time you come to massage him. To prevent oil stains, you could lay some sheet or towel so that all your focus would be on massage and not on stains.
  • Follow your baby’s cues. Everybody hates it when someone touches you when you are not in mood to be touched. Same goes with babies. If he cries or resist your touch then don’t force and save the massage session for some other time.  If your baby starts feeling uncomfortable in the middle of the session, then also you should stop at that moment. Don’t carry on just for the sake of completing the session.

Be Gentle – Every mum is gentle with their child, but still sometimes mothers also make mistake. Rubbing from wrist to shoulder is quite stimulating and should be done when you baby is awake. Stimulation from shoulder to wrist should be done when your baby is about to go sleep that is pre-bedtime. These are some techniques of massaging your baby.


Make baby massage your daily routine and you will see the improvement in overall health of your baby. Play some background music or you can also sing a song to your baby to make the massage session more fun. Just remember, all the magic is in your gentle touch.