3 Homemade Remedies To Whiten Teeth

The prettiest thing you can wear which doesn’t cost you a penny, is smile. However, your smile would not be pretty if your teeth are yellow as hell.

Whiter teeth has become obsession of many people these days. People have been spending good chunk of money every year on their teeth. According to a report, Americans spend 1.4$ billion every year on teeth whitening products.

The reason behind obsession of whiten teeth is that many people find shiny and white teeth attractive.



Why do teeth get yellow?

To make our teeth whiter, first we have to understand why our teeth gets yellow.  There is no single reason behind the yellow color teeth. It all depends on our food choices, genes and our oral hygiene. However, finding the biggest culprit behind the yellow color is our bad food and drink habits.

Our tooth has 4 tissues in which two of them are enamel and dentin. You must have heard about enamel. Enamel is strong white covering that protects our tooth.  Dentin supports the enamel and it is yellow in color.

The enamel and dentin have vital role in your teeth color. As we age, our enamel weakens and dentin starts showing. However, thanks to our nasty food and drink habits, our enamel breaks down before its age, and the yellow dentin underneath starts appearing.

So the following tips will help you strengthen you enamel and if you have already lost some enamel then don’t worry, these tips will help you get your white teeth back.

Sodium bicarbonate and Lemon Juice Paste

Before you freak out that where to get Sodium bicarbonate, it is nothing but baking soda which you can found from your local grocery shop.

Mildly scrubbing of the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice will remove the surface stains and you will get your natural shade back.  Leave the paste on your teeth for a minute. Don’t excess than this. Wash your mouth after one minute. Repeat the process once in a week.

S3 (Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda Scrub)

Strawberries are good source of Vitamin C, which will help you fight against plaque.  Strawberries also contains enzyme that is useful to remove surface stains.

The salt scrubs away stain-causing gunk. Baking soda is optional and you can leave it also. Crush a strawberry and add a pinch of salt and half tablespoon of baking soda, in case you decide to use it. Apply this paste on toothbrush and let it be there for five minutes. Do this process before going to bed.

Teeth Whitening With Turmeric

Turmeric has many benefits in Ayurveda and teeth whitening is one of those benefits. From above 2 methods, it requires least work. Just wet your brush and dip it in turmeric. Now, brush as you do usually. But after brushing, keep the turmeric on your teeth for three to five minutes. Now, again brush your teeth with the normal toothpaste you use to remove turmeric from your mouth.

Be persistent with this method and soon after few weeks you will see visible changes.

Do you also know any working method of teeth whitening? If yes, then please do share with us.

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