7 Tips For Foot Pain

To set every day one foot in front – this seems so obvious and yet for many a pain. Aching feet can have many causes. They can, for example, an indication of nerve damage (called neuropathy) be, which often occurs as a result of diabetes – so you should at foot pain surveys necessarily a doctor. A seven-point program can help to combat foot pain.

Seven tips for foot pain


1. Choosing the right footwear is

Fashionable shoes are behind many problems such as pressure sores . Often they are too tight, cutting into the skin or have a high heel, which brings the foot in an unhealthy position. Orthopedic shoemaker help tailor shoes to find a soft upper. Deposits for which the physician or orthopedist issuing a prescription, also help and are to the individual needs of sensitive feet coordinated. They should not be mistreated by tightly fitting, synthetic stockings, which can reduce air exchange beyond. Better to breathable, soft grip stockings made of cotton.

2. Replace shoes

Chiropodists advise you to change daily the shoes. Excluding a pair after wearing aired more than 24 hours, not only unwanted odor is avoided, but also annoying athlete’s foot . Its spores nest otherwise prefer between the fourth and fifth toe, where it is narrow and damp.

Going barefoot is healthy – but this is not true for diabetics, in which the sensitivity of the feet is disturbed by nerve damage. You can go unnoticed to serious wounds.

Gymnastics for the feet: Alternating leg is stretched forward, the toes and thus the front part of the foot for a few seconds to be pulled toward the body.

3. Clean and check

Anyone who wants to avoid that the feet “smell musty” and bacteria colonize, should bathe daily or cleaning them with water and mild detergents, which are matched to the pH of the skin. Then dry thoroughly – and they control on this occasion, to determine whether there are possibly unnoticed developed sores. This is particularly important for people with diabetes as a result of diabetic neuropathy often the pain affected is.

4. Feet

Special creams and cream foams can not dry out skin and nails. Even against stubborn, often cracked cornea can do something – for example, by balm with plant extracts . Urea-containing creams act moisturizing and keep your feet supple.

5. Meaningful exercises against foot pain

Gym and massages bring the foot muscles going and can promote blood circulation. This can people do particularly well with nerve damage in the feet. One in three diabetics developed such diabetic neuropathy , which is painful in about half the cases. The other half suffers from a painless form (diminishing sensitivity in the feet), in the result, the foot muscles may regress.

6. Keep the nails in the form

Scissors or nail clippers are mainly for diabetics, in which the sensitivity of the feet is often disturbed due to the risk of injury taboo. The nails may instead be rounded off with a sandpaper file. The cornea are best removed by using pumice. Experienced podiatrist (chiropodist) can professionally help to keep your feet in shape.

If problems persist, such as tingling, burning or pain in the feet, the doctor should check whether a disease such as nerve damage may lie behind the neuropathy foot problems.
7. Ask the doctor

Feet that ache in the long run , you should always show the doctor – to prevent worse and to discuss the appropriate therapy. Also the opposite problem, experience a slowing (pain), should be taken seriously. Not every foot disease must be painful! The insidious thing about the so-called diabetic foot syndrome , which, among other things due to nerve damage developed is just the fact that the patients do not notice anything. Against the symptoms of so-called neuropathy such as a burning, tingling, aching or increasingly unfeeling expectant feet can vitamin-like substances such as benfotiamine. The pro-vitamin can protect nerves and blood vessels from the damaging effects of high blood sugar

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