Baby Massage Dos and Dont’s

Baby Massage Basics – It is not only that adults find body rubbing food. Babies also find a gentle touch good and you should know that your baby is liking it if he is giggling. The reason of their giggles is that touch is one of the five senses which is most developed at the time of birth.

Massage with warm oil is good for the development of baby and enormous benefits of massages is essential for thriving the  growth of baby. Body massage for infants is must and should be on every mommy’s list.


Baby massage makes baby’s bones strong and it is good for their health.  Baby massage also has other benefits like it increases the bonding between mother and the baby.  According to science, massage done on daily basis and that routine touch plays vital role in baby’s growth.


  • Best Time To Massage – well to be honest, there is actually no best time for your baby. It all depends on his mood. But try to find that moment in whole day where your baby is happy and laughing.  Never massage him if he is Hungary as no body likes belly rubs during hunger. Also, don’t massage your baby just after feeding him, chances are that he will vomit the milk you just fed him.
  • Oils – Use coconut, avocado or olive oil to massage your body. Stay away from the so-called baby oils or mineral oil. They are known for clogging the pores of the skin of babies. Some oils like nix nut oil should also be avoided as some babies have allergy from them. While choosing massage oil, choose one that’s unscented, edible and either a vegetable oil or cold-pressed fruit.


  • Comfortable Point – use  warm — at least 75° F — so your baby doesn’t get hurt or scared every time you come to massage him. To prevent oil stains, you could lay some sheet or towel so that all your focus would be on massage and not on stains.
  • Follow your baby’s cues. Everybody hates it when someone touches you when you are not in mood to be touched. Same goes with babies. If he cries or resist your touch then don’t force and save the massage session for some other time.  If your baby starts feeling uncomfortable in the middle of the session, then also you should stop at that moment. Don’t carry on just for the sake of completing the session.

Be Gentle – Every mum is gentle with their child, but still sometimes mothers also make mistake. Rubbing from wrist to shoulder is quite stimulating and should be done when you baby is awake. Stimulation from shoulder to wrist should be done when your baby is about to go sleep that is pre-bedtime. These are some techniques of massaging your baby.


Make baby massage your daily routine and you will see the improvement in overall health of your baby. Play some background music or you can also sing a song to your baby to make the massage session more fun. Just remember, all the magic is in your gentle touch.

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