Common Causes of Pimples

The one most common thing we all hat about the pimples is that no matter whatever we do to get rid of them, they pop up like and uninvited guest. You might get lots of unsolicited advice for these pimples.Some of these unwanted advice are, but not limited to, include your lifestyle, genes, hormones, diet, pollution & weather and almost everything that may be the “reason” behind your pimples. However, the truth is that no body actually know the real reason behind these unwanted spots.

So, whether it’s an internal or external forces which are causing pimples on your face, remember it is not your culpability.


What are the causes of pimples?

The reason of poping of pimples is the excessive sebum being trapped in the pores. Sebum is responsible for your supple and moist skin and it is produced be sebaceous glands.  Now, you know the science behind pimples. Now, let is look into the possible causes of the pimples.

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Food– This saying is damn true when it comes to the pimples and the saying goes “you are what you eat.” If you like spicy foods and chilies then, we would recommend you that the time has come to avoid these foods. These foods have acidic lycopene which alters the pH of our skin.

Bad Cosmetic Products: Any cosmetic product which contains pore-clogging ingredients  such as mineral oil and silicone. Then, do you know what you need to do? Just throw away those products from your shelf.

Don’t be unhygienic: If you are a kinda unhygienic guy or girl who doesn’t wash their face, (we don’t know why one would not was his face, though) or bathe daily then  you are inviting bacteria to settle on your skin and form pimples. So, a small tip, bathe regularly, especially in winters.


We all know how dangerous smoking is for us. Still people continue to smoking. However, if you a smoker and struggling to remove pimples off your face then it is a good time to kick of your smoking.

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Rough and excessive exfoliating: Exfoliation is a good habit and should be done regularly. However, when you take exfoliation too seriously that you get aggressive with your skin then it spreads bacteria across other parts of face and may cause you pimples.

Last but not the least,

Stress – Our Skin produces cortisol when we are under stress. This cortisol pushes the production of testosterone,  which further clogs pores of your skin.

Now these are the causes which might be the reason behind your pimples. Now, the million dollar question may arise, what to do to cure these pimples? You may either go for cosmetic treatments or either choose natural methods. However, we would suggest to apply some homemade remedies to remove your bloody pimples.

So, the point is, homemade natural remedies will help you to cure these problems of yours, and not only this, you wallet will also thank you for being generous on him, of you opt for choosing natural methods to fight against the pimples.

Please share your views on acne/pimples and what you did to beat those pimples.

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