Hair Care In Summer

Creams, creams, creams, that is the motto in the summer. Our skin we give at this time a lot of attention. But what about our hair?

Especially in the summer time our hair is exposed to many stresses, UV rays salt water up to strong winds. The consequences are dry, brittle, damaged and dull hair. What can we do so in order to protect his hair and maintain?


Well protected hair

Use hats, scarves or caps to your hair, especially against sun rays. But not only UV radiation dries out the hair and can fade the color faster. Especially salt water attacks the hair, where it deprives them of moisture and fat. Therefore, one should rinse the saltwater hair necessarily fresh water after bathing.

The wind also helps to dry out the hair, because it acts as a hair dryer. The hair is removed from moisture and at the same time it is “roughened”. To offer the wind a smaller attack surface, you should pin up or braid your hair. You think this, remember to hide the hair ends, because they are the “oldest” part of your hair. With shoulder-length hair, the tips are already 3 years old, accordingly, they have a lot of “experience” and should be spared.

With wet hair you should take in addition to the fact that they are not tied too tightly, as the hair can be damaged at the pressure points. It is better loosely hold the hair with a large clip. Also, you should always think about before washing the hair to unravel only with a wide-toothed comb.


Using the correct skin care products

The selection of hair care products is large, ranging from shampoos and conditioners to hair oils. Buyers, you should be careful in the summer that they contain a sun protection factor. Also products for damaged and dry hair are very well suited for the care in the summer, as they are particularly plentiful and the claimed hair out the moisture needed.

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