Benefits of Onions- onion and Garlic

Name a single person who doesn’t want a flawless, clean and clear complexion? To make our skin beautiful, we do whatever is in our hand, be it going to beauty parlor, using homemade remedies or other grannies tips and tricks. If you are tired of using different packs and homemade remedies, and want to use some unusual method, then this article is for you. You will learn how to make  face pack with something that you have never thought of applying on your face, even though they are very common and can be found in kitchen of all of us. Any Guess?


Okay, lets break this suspense and those ingredients are onion and garlic! We know, we know that garlic and onions are used as homemade remedy for internal use, but this time we will be using the paste of onion and garlic as a face pack.

So, let’s take a look how to make this paste, how to apply and of course its benefits.

We all know than onions are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Onion is very healthy for our body and is also used in Ayurveda. Onion can do wonders for our skins. Read on to know how.

To get radiant skin and glowing skin, we need Vitamin C and onion is a great source of vitamin c. Not only this, onion is also helpful in healing bacterial infections, acne and various skin problems. Basically, onion works so well for our skin is because onion cleanses our blood, thus all the skin-related issues are automatically solved as most of these problems occur due to wastes in our blood.

Onion is also a natural anti-aging “product” and  “sun cream” as it also protects us from ultraviolet rays of sun.

Best Ways To Use Onion For Skin Care

1. Raw onions

Make a habit of eating raw onions as a salad. Eating raw onion cleanses your body from inside and thus these effects are permanent. Please eat something  like mouth freshener, chocolate or anything after consuming raw onion, other wise your mouth will smell and we don’t want that blame on us.

If you hate eating raw onions then you can of course include them in your vegetables. However, avoid over cooking, as all the essence and nutrients of onion will be lost.

2. External Use

As mentioned earlier, onion can be directly applied on our skin to cure or improve the condition of our skin.

Some of onion face pack benefits are

Dark Spot removal
brightens complexion
acne, and many more benefits.

How to make and apply these onion and garlic pastes on our skin and what are the benefits of garlic? You will find all these answers here in this post.

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